Website "Moscow Round-the-Clock" (www.round24.ru) is created to provide you useful information about Moscow overnight places:
- Moscow malls and shops opened 24/7/365,
- Moscow food, flowers, medicine, tires delivery services (also with a round-the-clock responce,
- night entertainment in the Moscow region (night clubs, ice-skates, bowlings, pubs, restaurants (fast food restaurants einther)
and many, many more... Every company has it's own page - please use out right or left menu (or tags) to navigate throught our website.

On every page you can see addresses, contact phone numbers, maps and other data of the round-the-clock Moscow companies. Please remember about the phone codes (each Moscow phone number contain of 7 digits, typical phone code for Moscow 495 when you are in Russia and +7 495 for those who are overseas). If there is no code embraced in brackets, use 495 or +7 495. If there are another codes in a "phone" field - use these codes (in this case no 495 is needed).
All streets and metro stations on our maps are in Russian, and unfortunately we still can't change them. Have problems with Russian? So print the page. Or, may be you'd better to use Google Translate in those circumstances?

Any suggestions? Don't hesitate to use a feedback form "Контакты" (on the top of the every page of www.round24.ru) or leave a comment in a form below.